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Nicole Kidman

Nicole's Shocking Love Story

Movie goddess NICOLE KIDMAN returns to the big screen this November with shortened tresses and a shocking new role in 'Birth.'

Opening November 5, Nicole takes on the role of "Anna," a woman in her 30's living in New York City. As she tries to move forward with her life after losing her husband 10 years earlier, she meets a 10-year-old boy (played by hot newcomer CAMERON BRIGHT), who insists he is her dead husband reincarnated.

Their relationship causes concern among many, including her current fiance (played by DANNY HUSTON) and also results in Anna questioning many aspects of her life. LAUREN BACALL plays her distraught mother in the film, and ANNE HECHE her best friend.

Controversy surrounding 'Birth' has already made headlines recently, as Nicole has a nude bathing scene with Bright. Watch tonight's ET for the latest news!
Nicole Kidman turns down date with Michael Jackson

Nicole Kidman has turned down Michael Jackson after the troubled superstar asked her out on a date.

The Oscar-winning actress has revealed how the eccentric singer, who is currently awaiting trial on child molestation charges, wanted to take her to the star-studded MTV Music Awards.

However, Nicole - who has never met Jackson - confesses she wasn't tempted to accept the offer. She told an Australian radio station: "There was a call from his people asking if he could take me to the awards. I don't really think that anyone would want to be seen with him, YECK!"

What She is Known For

Though she used to be best known for her marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman has long since established herself as one of the most appealing actresses currently working in Hollywood. She has starred in critically acclaimed films, such as The Hours and Dogville, as well as some of the biggest commercial hits of the last few years, like Moulin Rouge! and The Others.

2005 Career Highligts

In 2005, Kidman definitively learned that she should probably stay as far away from comedies as possible. Having earned nothing from the Stepford Wives remake debacle of 2004, Kidman then starred in Nora Ephron’s disastrous Bewitched update (alongside Will Ferrell) to shockingly underwhelming results. Fortunately, Kidman also appeared in Sydney Pollack’s The Interpreter -- a political thriller costarring Sean Penn, and the first film ever to shoot inside the United Nations.

2006 Career Forcast

With four films scheduled for release, 2006 is looking to be a very busy year for Kidman. The Visiting, a sci-fi thriller, teams the actress with the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, while Fur casts Kidman as famed suicidal photographer Diane Arbus. For the first time in her career, Kidman will be lending her voice to an animated film with a role in Happy Feet. Finally, look for Nicole in Kar Wai Wong’s remake of Orson Welles’ The Lady from Shanghai.
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